Man fined $2,000+ for speeding through flood zone

If you're going to film yourself while breaking the law, you deserve to be caught.

A video was posted to social media this week showing a man speeding through a flood-ravaged street in Mansfield-et-Pontefract, in western Quebec, about 100 km northwest of Ottawa. Throughout the video the man can be heard laughing uproariously as the water splashes over the hood of his vehicle.

Local residents and provincial police were not impressed.

One day after the video was posted online the authorities said the man was hit with $2,027 in fines and had nine demerit points following the joyride.

The Sûreté du Québec spokesperson said the fine was for endangering property and using a cellphone while driving.

Police say speeding through flood zones can be dangerous for multiple reasons: The water splashing around can damage the temporary dams build up to save nearby homes, and with water levels so high and debris just about everywhere it's near impossible to see if the road ahead of you is safe.

Authorities took the opportunity to remind the public that flood zones are not tourist attractions.

The passenger in the vehicle managed to escape any monetary penalties after he came forward, admitting his responsibility in the incident. He worked out an agreement with the municipality to do some volunteer flood relief work.