Man suing city of Repentigny after mistaken identity arrest

A north shore man is suing the city of Repentigny for $67,500 after a confrontation with police he says could have been avoided had police done their jobs.

On June 23 of last year, Sébastien Breton was thrown in jail after being arrested by police. While inside, he was informed he had no less than four warrants out for his arrest — three for unpaid parking tickets, and one for drug trafficking dating back to 2011.

The drug trafficking warrant happened to be for a different man named Sébastien Breton — who had a different birthdate.

Breton — the innocent one — told the Journal de Montréal that he believes police should have been more careful in doing their work.

"In bars, doormen can read a birthdate [on an ID card]. You would think that that should be a requirement for police officers," he says. "It was very humiliating."

Breton spent four days in custody before he was able to go before a judge and explain himself.