Many of Quebec's schools appear to be in pretty bad shape: report

Many of Quebec's schools appear to be in pretty bad shape.

A report from Quebec's Education ministry obtained by La Presse says nine out of every ten schools in Montreal alone are in bad or very bad condition.

The report estimates it would cost about $3.3-billion just to fix the buildings belonging to the province's biggest French language school board, the Commission scolaire de Montreal.

That board along with the English Montreal School board are among the boards at the bottom of the list with school buildings in poor condition.

The Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board and Marguerite Bourgeoys school board are in the group that's second to last, the D and E groups- buildings in bad to very bad condition.

"We're looking at about 65% of our buildings in the category in what they call the D and E state," said director general Paul Lamoureux on the board's approximately 40 buildings.

Lamoureux said like with any aging buildings, they have to deal with old windows, plumbing, heating systems and roofs.

Lamoureux said they'd need about $85-90 million to bring the buildings up to the best standards - something that's difficult to do with lack of funding and buildings getting older.

"The priority remains to continue our maintenance and prevention programs for all of our schools and to reassure our stakeholders that our schools are safe and secure learning environments," said Lamoureux.

The Lester B. Pearson, Riverside and the New Frontiers school boards are in the middle of the rankings.