Massive accident traps motorists for more than 12 hours on HW 13

The winter storm that pounded the Montreal area that dumped nearly 40 centimeters of snow on the island in less than 24 hours caused several accidents throughout the evening Tuesday, but none bigger than the one on Highway 13 South.

The weather caused several trucks and vehicles to lose control and pileup, blocking the Highway. Motorists behind them could do nothing more than stop and wait for the accident to be cleared. Anyone who tried to exit the highway prior to the major jam got stuck in off ramps that had not been plowed, making the situation even worse.

As of 6:00 A.M. some drivers had been stuck in the same spot for close to 12 hours.

"I've been here since 7:15 last night" driver Chris told the Andrew Carter morning show. "I'm between the 520 and Hickmore."

Chris was just one of many; provincial police reported at least 300 cars were stuck, unable to move for the overnight and well into Wednesday morning.

After nearly 10 hours of being stranded, buses were dispatched to the scene where people could get warm, have a bite to eat and even go to the bathroom if need be.

At about 7:30 A.M. provincial police, the fire department and several snow plows had cleared enough of a path to let cars to start slowly making their way home.