Massive women's protests in Washington and elsewhere against US President Trump

Up to half a million women gathered for the Women's March on Washington against newly-inaugurated US President Donald Trump.

The National Mall featured lots of bright pink hats and signs that said "less fear more love'' and "the future is female.''

Among those in attendance was famed pioneer feminist Gloria Steinem, who compared President Donald Trump's "Twitter finger'' to a trigger finger.

Some 1,800 buses were registered to park in the city, but attendants also arrived by planes, trains and automobiles.

Hundreds of Canadians attended the event, including women from Montreal.

"I'm a mother, I have a 10-year old son and I wanted to show him that it's important to stand up for what you believe in and that women's rights are equal rights and human rights and it's important to teach him that", said Montrealer Susan Woodley.

"I question whether everything Gloria Steinhem and all the women fought for in the 60's, whether it's on the decline", said Joanna Stasik, who also travelled to the US capital from Montreal.

Some 30 demonstrations were planned in virtually every major Canadian city as well as many smaller centres.

Also, hundreds of protest marches were organized in more than 30 other countries.

During last year's presidential campaign there were accusations of sexual misconduct against President Donald Trump, while he came under attack from those who felt some of his comments toward women were disrespectful.  

With files from Emily Campbell in Washington, The Canadian Press and The Associated Press