Mayor Coderre makes election promise to improve active transport

Incumbent Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre and his team have revealed their plans for improving active transport in the city.

If elected for another mandate, Coderre's team wants to implement an active transport office to ensure policies are implemented.

"You need a voice, you need someone who will be there full-time to make sure that we implement those policies and that we are focusing on safety," he said.

Some of the other transport election promises he made earlier Monday include: more parking for bikes, a bike autoroute that will span from east end Rivieres des Prairies all the way to the St. Lawrence River, and better security at dangerous intersections.

Coderre says, though, the improvements he plans to make will not only benefit cyclists.

"We should talk about pedestrians," Coderre said.

He added that they are vulnerable, along with cyclists, in terms of road safety.

Coderre's team said they are also looking at the family aspect of active transport. They said they want to secure school zone crosswalks by adding more crossing guards and pedestrian traffic lights.

They also want to enhance 21 metro stations to make them more accessible for those with physical handicaps. The focus in particular are the stations de l'Eglise station in Verdun and Laurier on the Plateau Mont Royal. 

Coderre said this will be costly, but didn't provide a figure.

"In '65 when we built the metro, we didn't put the elevators, which was an issue in itself," he said.

"To re-do everything, it's costly," he added, "but now that we have the money we can do it."

Coderre's mayoral opponent is Projet Montreal leader Valerie Plante, who's been promoting safety in public transport as well.

Her promise, if elected, is to make public transport better adapted to needs of the elderly.