Mayor of Laval fined for lending party more money than allowed during election year

Laval mayor Marc Demers is being accused of buying the municipal election that he won in 2013 by the opposition.

La Presse reports Demers faces a $500 fine from Quebec's electoral officer after it was discovered the mayor lent $28,000 to his Mouvement Lavallois party in 2013, well above the $10,000 maximum. 

In a statement, Parti Laval leader Michel Trottier says Demers and his party can no longer claim to act with transparency. Trottier also dismissed the argument that Demers and his office made an honest mistake, because he says all municipal parties are given electoral guidelines well ahead of time.

Demers would only have to pay the fine if he were to plead guilty, but a spokesperson for his office tells La Presse he plans to fight the accusations.

The electoral officer has not said why its decision took as long as it did.