Mayor of Villeray-St.Michel-Parc Extension borough accused of workplace harassment

The mayor of the borough of Villeray-St.Michel-Parc Extension is now working from home after being accused of workplace harassment.

Mayor Valérie Plante said Giuliana Fumagalli will still attend council meetings and a mediation process is underway.

As for whether such a process is normal,

"I'm not sure there is any specific process. To me, it was more a question of making sure we can support a good working environment. We felt it was the right thing to do," Plante told reporters.

Plante said they were told about the allegations last Thursday but could not reveal the specifics of the allegations.

Plante said she didn't know how long the mediation would take.

Lionel Perez, leader of the official opposition Ensemble Montreal, said it's a worriesome affair that needs to made public.

Perez also said that a borough mayor working from home under such circumstances is inappropriate.

"We hope that Mme Fumagalli will take the time that she needs to reflect on her future, to reflect on what needs to be done and to understand the proper role of an elected official. In the meantime, the interim borough mayor should take over until a proper accounting can be done at the end of this process," said Perez.