Mayor Plante apologizes for speaking in English only at AI event

The mayor is apologizing for speaking English.

In a Tweet, Valerie Plante said she was sorry for an English only news conference Tuesday announcing plans by 3 British software firms to open artificial intelligence studios in Montreal.

Plante was criticized on social media and said she went off script, adding her speech should have been mainly in French.

The mayor went on to say she is proud to be the mayor of North America's French speaking metropolis and remains committed to promoting the French language.

With files from CTV Montreal.


Mea culpa. Je suis sortie de mon texte ce matin en m’adressant à un parterre d’investisseurs étrangers intelligence artificielle. Ma communication aurait dû être principalement en français. #polmtl (1/2)

— Valérie Plante (@Val_Plante) December 5, 2018

Je suis fière d’être la mairesse de la métropole francophone d’Amérique du Nord et je demeure engagée à faire la promotion de notre langue commune et officielle sur toutes les tribunes. #polmtl (2/2)

— Valérie Plante (@Val_Plante) December 4, 2018