Mayor Plante says bagel shops have nothing to fear, for now

Good news for Montreal bagel shops.

Mayor Plante was a guest on CJAD 800's Leslie Roberts show on Friday saying her administration won't ban the use of wood burning ovens for small businesses.

"We are not working on closing the bagel shops", she said.

October 1st marked the end of residential wood burning on the island of Montreal and immediately after, many of the city's institutional bagel producers felt they could be the next target of environmental regulation.

But, Plante, who's marking her first anniversary as mayor, put those fears to rest, at least for the time being.

"On the long, long term, I think we should move forward with a regulation, but, not now, it's too early. We need to talk with the bagel shops, but there's also the pizza shops", Plante said.    

She said many of the businesses that would be affected by a ban are mom and pop shops.

She added she'll work together with them to eventually reach a solution.