Mayor Valérie Plante recommends Philippe Pichet be removed as police chief

The Plante administration is recommending Philippe Pichet be removed as the city's police chief.

Pichet was suspended in December after a report condemning allegations of corruption and irregularities in the internal affairs division.

Pichet was given the opportunity to plead his case before the city's public security commission on Monday, saying he was the victim of a grave injustice and that the questionable practices of internal affairs were happening long before he came along.

This followed another damning report - this one from his temporary replacement Martin Prud'homme, saying Pichet didn't do enough the address the problems.

But Pichet didn't sway the public security commission which recommended Pichet be dismissed.

Montreal mayor Valérie Plante said the executive committee agreed.

"We decided to accept the recommendation of the commission," Plante told reporters.

This will be up for debate at next week's city and agglomeration council meetings.

Then Quebec Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux will make the final decision.

Plante said they can't go into details because it's a confidential human resources issue but that the commission's decision was unanimous.

Pichet is suing to get his job back.