McGill professor sues over sexual harassment allegations "vendetta"

A McGill University professor is suing a student and a colleague for $600,000 for libel and depicting him as an alleged sexual predator.

The lawsuit filed last week alleges that former student Sarah Abdelshamy and Islamic Studies assistant professor Pasha Khan conspired in a "ruthless campaign" against fellow professor Ahmed Fekry Ibrahim, calling it "a vendetta" and "a smear campaign."

The lawsuit alleges that Ibrahim is "now considered a sexual abuser, a harasser, a rapist and a shady individual when, in fact, all he ever did was have a consensual relationship with a student." The student is not Abdelshamy. The lawsuit says it's affected ibrahim's reputation and his job.

"Amongst other things, Plaintiff was called a rapist, a sexual harasser, was depicted as someone who manipulated vulnerable young women into sleeping with him," said the lawsuit.

"These most serious allegations were made without evidence, personal knowledge of the actual facts and without due diligence to actually investigate the allegations against Plaintiff."

His lawyer, Julius Grey won't comment on the case but said the #MeToo movement may be leading to similar accusations.

"The use of accusation as a form of condemnation is not acceptable," said Grey in an interview with CJAD 800.

"What we have now is dismissals and destruction of careers of individuals based on often a single or even two complaints - unproved, untested. The basic that I was taught in first year law is you don't punish without a hearing."

Abdelshamy's lawyer, Audrey Boctor also won't comment on the allegations.

"These types of lawsuits can have a chilling effect that prevents other students from coming forward," said Boctor.

"I think the #MeToo movement is fulfilling a vital purpose in society and I would hate to see the movement stunted by lawsuits like this."

Neither Khan nor his lawyer could be reached for comment.