McGill student rep responds to firestorm over 'punch a Zionist' tweet

A four-word tweet from a prominent member of McGill University's student union is getting a flood of online attention — and also prompting calls for police action.

On Monday night, Igor Sadikov, a member of the legislative council and the board of directors at the Student Society of McGill University, posted a tweet where he suggested his followers "punch a Zionist today".

The tweet was posted Monday evening, and was removed sometime on Thursday afternoon. By Friday morning, Sadikov's Twitter account was deleted entirely.

B'nai Brith's Quebec director Harvey Levine says his group is considering bringing police action against the tweeter.

"This tweet is totally unacceptable," Levine says. "We are demanding as an organization, a human rights organization, that he be censured, and certainly he should not be holding the position that he holds at McGill University. We are considering reporting him to the police as well, because we consider this to be an act of hate-motivated violence."

Late Thursday afternoon, Sadikov posted a response on social media

"I regret the way that I phrased my opposition to Zionism and the fact that some of my constituents and fellow students harmed by it," Sadikov wrote on his Facebook page. "To be clear, this tweet was not an attack on Jewish students, but on the adherents of a political philosophy that has detrimental impacts on Palestinians on a daily basis."