POLL: McGill University abandons Redmen team nickname

After months of protests from Indigenous groups and students, McGill University has announced that effective immediately, its athletics teams will no longer be called the Redmen.

McGill Principal Suzanne Fortier said in a statement issued Friday morning the university will create a committee to come up with a new name "that everyone can wear, and cheer for, with pride".

McGill's men's athletic teams have been known as the Redmen since the 1920s. The university has long contended the team name stemmed from the team's traditional colors, though later on, the team name became associated with Indigenous imagery. 

By the 1950s, McGill's men's and women's teams were referred to as the "Indians" or the "Squaws". By the 1980s, the school's football and hockey team's used a stylized logo with an Indigenous man wearing a headdress.

There's no time frame for when a new name will be announced, though Fortier says "it will take time for our community to decide upon a new team name that honours our long history of athletic achievement, but we will get there."

In November of last year, students voted 79 per cent in favor of dropping the Redmen name in a non-binding referendum organized by the McGill students' union.