Medical marijuana producer moving into Pointe Claire tries to ease neighbours' concerns

A medical marijuana producer is ready to open up shop in Pointe Claire and it is trying to reassure its residential neighbours about any concerns they may have.

Aurora Cannabis is taking over the old Peloton plant on Hymus near Alston. It's the world's second largest medical marijuana producer.

Residents near the site were uneasy with the thought of a medical marijuana company moving in. They were concerned about possibly more crime in their neighbourhood and smells wafting out.

Executive vice president of Aurora Cannabis Cam Battley said similar concerns have been addressed at other facilities.

"Under Health Canada regulations, the security at these facilities has to be very high and for example, there must be cameras covering every square inch of the production facility to ensure that there can be no diversion to the black market," said Battley, adding there are 150 surveillance cameras at their Calgary plant.

And under those same regulations, there can be no odours emanating from the plant.

"The ventilation systems, the HVAC systems at cannabis production facilities are very advanced," said Battley.

Now that the Trudeau government has tabled its legislation legalizing recreational marijuana, Battley said they can determine what kinds of products will come out of its planned 40,000 square foot Pointe Claire plant.

They already produce dried cannabis and cannabis oil at their facility in Calgary and they're opening another in Edmonton.

Battley said at full capacity, the Pointe Claire facility is expected to be capable of producing up to 3,900 kg of cannabis a year. 

The deal for Aurora Cannabis`acquisition of Peloton Pharmaceuticals was finalized last week.

If the facility passes inspection and the licencing process goes off without a hitch, Battley said production could begin late this year or early next.