Meet the oldest cat and dog in Quebec

Quebec's association of veterinarians has unveiled the names and identities of the oldest cat, and the oldest dog, in the province.

At its annual meeting in Montreal Friday, the group officially named Hortense, a Scottish Fold cat owned by Suzanne Janlin of Piedmont, the oldest living cat in Quebec.

Hortense celebrated her 21st birthday in April 6 — which would make her about 105 years old in human years.

Cats usually live to around the age of 15.

The association also revealed the results of an exclusive survey on cats conducted by the SOM organization — among other things, the average age of the two million or so cat that live with Quebec humans is around 6 years and 7 months old. That's around 43 human years old.

The average Quebec human is 41.9 years old.

On average, cats owned by non-francophones are around 7.98 years old, compared with 6.22 years old for those owned by francophones.

Meanwhile, the vets also announced the identity of the province's oldest dog — his name is Cachou, and he's a Yorkshire terrier owned by Josée Bibeau of St. Félix de Valois.

Cachou was born on Valentine's Day of 2000 — 17 years ago.