Members of the EMSB stage brief walkout during Thursday night meeting

An EMSB meeting on Thursday took a slight turn when board members and administrators staged a brief walkout. 

The meeting was scheduled to further discuss transferring the Galileo Adult Education Centre to the French board, Pointe-de-I’ile but it took a slight twist when members accused fellow member Sylvia LoBianco of reading private internal emails during the meeting with parents in the audience. 

“It’s blatant sabotage” said Vice Chair Joe Ortona. 

“It was another attempt to discredit the director general and the administrators of the bored.”

Ortona has been vocal in the past of accusing LoBianco as well as Chair Angela Mancini of sabotaging the entire plan.

Education Minister Jean-Francois Roberge reluctantly gave the EMSB till the end of the month to decide what school to give up after rejecting the idea to give up the adult education building instead of one of the three schools he suggested. Roberge said it would be detrimental to the already vulnerable students.

Parents were quick to accuse the EMSB of choosing Galileo because the students are adults and many of them have learning disabilities and are immigrants. The board continues to deny that allegation claiming the decision is based on logistics. There are approximately 140 students at the Galileo school. The board says it would like to move them to Ste Pius X in Ahuntsic. 

The board will vote on May 21 while the education minister is expected to make a final decision on June 10.