Metro breakdowns: Montreal woman wants to sue the STM in proposed class action lawsuit

A Montreal woman wants to sue the STM for all the metro breakdowns and delays over the past three years. Her lawyer has filed a request for authorization for a class action lawsuit that could be worth as much as ten million dollars.

Lawyer Michael Simkin said his client Marion Croteau has been late for work and other engagements and had had to fork out $15 dollar taxi fares in certain cases, all because the metro broke down.  Simkin said she wants compensation for those cab rides, a 15% refund on her bus pass since March 2014 and all the stress she went through.

"She has to worry when she goes around the city, whether there's going to be a delay in the metro, whether she's going to be late to get to her work, whether she's going to be late for a networking event, this had been her experience and when she is late, then she has fewer hours to do more work," said Simkin in an interview with CJAD 800 News.

Simkin said it could take as long as a year for the case to get to court and longer if approved. 

The STM in the past has said it's done all it could to deal with the breakdowns and getting more buses on the road. It said it's been advised of the legal proceedings but won't comment.