Michel Cadotte says he knew what he was doing on day his wife died, trial told

Michel Cadotte testified that he was aware of his actions and surroundings the day he smothered his wife who was in the late stages of Alzheimer's in 2017.

Cadotte, 57, is standing trial for second degree murder in the death of Jocelyne Lizotte, 60, in February 2017.

Upon cross examination, Cadotte testified he made the choice to visit his wife on February 20, 2017 instead of going to work or for a short getaway to Quebec City.

Cadotte testified that when he arrived at the Émilie-Gamelin CHSLD long term care home, he was angry to see that no one had put a support for Lizotte's head as she sat strapped to a chair in the corridor.

Cadotte said he raised his voice telling an orderly about it but that despite being frustrated and upset, he managed to give the usual care to his wife.

Cadotte testified he was aware that he had told a nurse about suffocating his wife with a pillow and to call 911.

When questioned by the crown, Cadotte testified he decided to kill his wife five minutes beforehand. He then clarified his answer to say it took him five minutes to adjust the pillow for his wife as he put her to bed and that he decided at that moment to smother her.

The trial continues Wednesday.