Minister for Anglos to be named in Liberal cabinet shuffle

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard is going to be giving his cabinet a bit of a shuffle Wednesday.

While not much is known yet, we know that Couillard has said he wants to bring in some new blood, adding younger MNA's. The Premier also wants to have more women at the table, which had led to names like Isabelle Melancon and Veronyque Tremblay being rumoured for various positions.

Another name that's being mentioned in Quebec City: Andre Fortin. 

If you don't know who that is, don't worry, he has kept a quiet political career since being elected for the first time in 2014.

He represents the Pontiac riding in the Outaouais region, has been a Liberal backbencher, is fully bilingual and is turning 36 this December.

His name is being mentioned in connection with the naming a minister responsible for Anglophone affairs. According to CTV Montreal the minister will oversee the creation of a secretariat for the English-speaking community.

While the news of the new minister has not been made official, the Quebec Community Groups Network said it's a step in the right direction towards welcoming English-speaking Quebecers, a community who don't always feel welcome in the La belle province.

The Network said even with a minister for Anglos, vigilance is still needed to ensure real change is made.