MNAs ask merchants to stop saying 'Bonjour/Hi'... again

MNAs are once again urging merchants to stop saying, 'Bonjour/Hi.' Their suggestion is to drop the 'Hi' and just say 'Bonjour.'

They voted on the motion in support of a unilingual greeting on Friday.

It was introduced by the Parti Quebcois after a recent study showed the use of 'Bonjour/Hi' has increased in Montreal since last year.

The data showed Montreal merchants' use of a unilingual greeting dropped from 84 per cent to 75 between 2010 and 2017.

It also revealed 46 per cent of shoppers showed indifference towards what language they were greeted in.

The motion passed unopposed.

The resolution is not legally binding and merchants have no obligation to stop greeting customers by saying 'Bonjour/Hi.'