MNAs to vote on increasing their own pay

How would you like to vote to give yourself a pay raise? That's what Members of the National Assembly will be doing.

New proposed legislation would increase the near $18,000 annual allowance paid to MNAs for meals and lodging. The pay hike would offset a new regulation introduced by the federal government this year that now makes the allowance taxable.

The pay increase has the support of the CAQ, Liberals and the Parti Quebecois, but not Quebec Solidaire.

Co-spokesperson for the party Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois said it is a direct conflict of interest for MNAs to vote on a bill that would increase the pay of MNAs.

"It's not normal," Nadeau-Dubois said in a video posted to his Facebook page breaking down how the legislation would work. "Regular workers don't have that privilege. When taxes go up, they pay it, that's all. They can't go to their boss and say 'hey, raise my salary so I'm not affected by the new taxes.' It doesn't work like that."

Nadeau-Dubois went on to explain the exact structure of how Quebec's MNAs are paid, which you can watch in the full video below.

Instead of supporting the bill, Nadeau-Dubois is calling on the province to conduct a full reform in MNA compensation, instead of piecemeal changes to a pay structure that is out of date.

Quebec Solidaire is also proposing the province create an independent committee that would be responsible for the salary of MNAs.