Mohawk activist Ellen Gabriel fighting cancer; family starts GoFundMe page

The family of Mohawk activist and feminist Ellen Gabriel has started a GoFundMe campaign on her behalf.

Gabriel is recovering from a recent cancer operation and is expected to need several months of recovery.

Gabriel rose to prominence as a Mohawk spokesperson during the 1990 Oka Crisis and also served as president of the native women's Association of Quebec between 2004 and 2010.

"After many years dedicated to fighting for Indigenous peoples' rights let us now show her our support during her time of need," the text of the GoFundMe page reads. "Let us make it a moment where she can truly rest without the worry of a financial burden, and let her focus worry-free on recovery. Ellen is a true role model who has always put the wellbeing of her people before herself."

As of 4 p.m. Monday, the page has raised more than $6,300.