Monday was so hot, sidewalks couldn't take it anymore

Monday was the hottest day of the year and almost the hottest July 2nd ever recorded.

According to Environment Canada, at about 4:00 P.M. the temperature in Montreal hit 35.2°C. That's a modern day (1942 to now) record, with the previous high being 34.4°C in 1963.

All time though, not so much, but real close. In 1931 Environment Canada's archives say temperatures in Montreal hit 36°C.

Record breaker or not, Monday was hot and once again a busy day for Urgences-santé.

On Sunday paramedics responded to about 1,200 calls, with nearly 30 cases being directly linked to the heat. Late Monday a spokesperson for the organization said crews were busier, with more calls (at least 30 per cent more than usual) and more people suffering from heat related illnesses. 

However, many of calls received Monday did not require emergency responders.

Urgences-santé is urging people to only call 911 when it is a urgent medical problem. If an individual finds themselves with difficulties during the heat, if they are able to stand and are conscious and alert you're being asked to call the 811 Info-santé line to seek medical advice.

Monday also saw conditions get so hot; sidewalks gave way and patio tables shattered due to the heat.

Dorval resident Eric Dunn was driving along Dorval Ave. when he noticed a section of the sidewalk could no longer bear the heat. As it would turn out, neither could his own patio table.

"It's a few years old. Looked online and found lots of reports of glass tables breaking in direct sunshine" Dunn told CJAD 800.

Eric Dunn