Montreal animal shelter caring for dogs rescued from dog meat farm

51 dogs transported out of a South Korean dog meat farm earlier this week are now being cared for at the emergency shelter of Humane Society International Canada in Côte-Des-Neiges.

The animals were flown from Seoul and arrived at Pearson International Airport in Toronto on June 12th before reaching the Montreal shelter with a fleet of trucks shortly thereafter. 

Rebecca Aldworth is the Executive Director of the non-governmental organization and was on-site when the farm was shut down. She says this one was particularly troubling.

"We had a case on this farm where puppies were separated at just eight weeks from their mothers,"Aldworth said. "They were put across from the room so the mothers could see them but could't get to them and the puppies were crying for their mothers." 

All 51 dogs are currently being tended to by volunteers, staff and veterinarians to ensure the progress of each animal's rehabilitation.

The emergency shelter also currently has a make-shift maternity ward for the handful of pregnant dogs that were discovered during the operation. According to Aldworth, these expectant mothers show no overt signs of agression towards their rescuers but are still severely traumatized. ''They've had their pups stolen from them over and over and over again,'' she said. ''And yet some of the mothers we've had in this shelter are just the gentlest, sweetest dogs.'' Two of those dogs are expected to give birth in the next week or two. 

Current statistics estimate that 2.5 million dogs are farmed annually in South Korea for human consumption with an estimated 17,000 dog meat farms currently in operation. 

The organization is calling on anyone interested in getting involved in ending the dog meat trade, to visit their website at but to also support them with this particular rescue effort by opening their homes to one of the rescued animals.