Montreal app could be the Tinder that hooks up employers with job hunters

If you are looking for a job in the service industry or if you are looking to hire, this Montreal app could be for you.

The app is called Apply Here and its Montreal creators say some are dubbing it the Tinder of recruiting and job searching.

"It's really focusing on the blue collar or people paid hourly," said co-founder Serge Massicotte in an interview with CJAD 800.

Massicotte said he noticed there were lots of apps and resources for white collar jobs and companies but not many for jobs in restaurants, hotels, stores and transport, which are often high turnover positions.

So he and his team came up with the app which relies on human resources and recruiting specialists as well as artificial intelligence to sort through resumés for employers and jobs for job hunters and then notify them and match them up in real time.

"Apply Here on the recruiting side will look at the skill set and job interests from the different candidates and will rank them using artificial intelligence to see the most relevant job seekers for a given position," said Massicotte.

And there are benefits for those looking for a job.

Just based on their profile information they provide to Apply Here, we're going to find the best position on there for them and they can do other stuff during the day. They don't have to spend hours in front of the computer going through a list of job positions," said Massicotte.

So what's it cost? Free for job hunters and for employers, a fee of $3 or less per interested candidate whose details are shared with the company.

So far, 5000 job seekers and 30 companies have signed up in the greater Montreal area with launches set for San Francisco and the rest of Canada.