Montreal cheese store fined $1500 for changing expiry dates: report

A cheese store at the Atwater Market was fined $1500 for changing the expiry dates on several of their products, says the Journal de Montreal.

Au paradis du fromage was caught in the fall of 2015 buying products that were near the end of their shelf life and then changing the dates and reselling them.

The store's fridge was set up so that it was divided in two sections: one for products with expired dates that were to be changed and another for products whose dates were already changed and ready for sale.

The owner told the newspaper that it has since completely changed its practices.
He was not available for comment and neither were his competitors.

But cheese shoppers had plenty to say.

"Very unethical practice by the merchant. They should never do that and if they do that, I'll probably never shop in that shop because I never trust what they are doing," said one man buying cheese with his wife at one of Au paradis du fromage's competitors. 

One woman who's been shopping at the Atwater Market for the past 25 years told CJAD 800 News she was surprised by the news.

"I trust (merchants here) because I've been shopping here for so long," she said.

"If (merchants) change the expiry dates and someone gets sick after eating the products, word of mouth will get those merchants. In the long run, they're the ones who will lose out."