Montreal doctor suspended for 2 years for making sexual comments to pregnant patient

A doctor working in the Côte-des-Neiges area has been suspended for two years and ordered to pay fines of over $17,000 for making inappropriate comments of a sexual nature to a pregnant patient four years ago.

In April 2015, Dr. Allan Climan made a half a dozen inappropriate comments to his pregnant patient about her body and private parts -  some of the comments made while she was undressed and on the examination table, some while telling her and her husband that a natural child birth would negatively affect their sex life.

Examples include:

  • "I can't wait to see you naked."
  • "You have a great little body."
  • "A beautiful vagina, cute little vagina, pretty little vagina."

The patient testified during a hearing of the disciplinary council that the remarks shocked her and made her uncomfortable.

Witnesses for the doctor testified he was devoted and very professional with them.

Climan apologized for the incident and testified he has been working on his bedside manner. He was found guilty last year. Climan began practicing in 1981 and started working as an ob-gyn in 1983. 

The disciplinary council of the Quebec College of Physicians also factored in another inappropriate gesture Climan made with another pregnant patient last year while the investigation into the initial complaint was still going on.

The disciplinary council said that Climan's misconduct affects the public trust in doctors and in their profession in general and that the incident could lead people to believe that all patients are at risk and could fall victim to sexual misconduct by a doctor.

The council decided that while the remarks had no sexual intent, they were serious and abused the trust the patient had in her doctor.