Montreal East Mayor calls for reinforced bus shelters

After nearly losing his daughter in a horrific accident, the Mayor of Montreal East is calling for bus shelters to be reinforced.

Stephanie Coutu was struck and injured by a car that careened into the bus shelter she was standing in on Notre Dame near Hinton on Tuesday.

She suffered a broken leg and a gash to her thigh.

The shelter was destroyed.

Her father, Montreal East Mayor Robert Coutu tells the Journal de Montreal that most bus shelters are too flimsy and that his daughter may not have been as badly injured if the Transit Corporation (STM) would return to building bus shelters on concrete foundations as was done in the past.

He says current shelters offer people protection from the rain and little else, but because many are placed on busy roads where motorists often exceed the speed limit they should also be able to offer some measure of protection in the event of an accident.

The STM says about 15% of bus shelters are built on concrete foundations.