Montreal going to court to seize potentially dangerous dogs

The city of Montreal is going to court Thursday in a battle over a pair of potentially dangerous dogs.

The court order sought by the City relates to an incident inside the lobby of an Anjou apartment building in January. According to officials one of the dogs attempted to bite a man. The alleged victim managed to shake the dog off, but his pants were ripped in the process. 

The dog, named Boogie, is a 14-month-old American bully. The owner, Mohamed Taleb, owns a second dog, Beamer, that is the same age and breed.

Montreal's animal control service launched an investigation after receiving a report of the incident. Animal control agents determined both dogs should be evaluated by a specialist to determine if they pose a threat to the public.

A first evaluation was scheduled for February 26, a second on March 12. 

Taleb did not go to either. 

Now the City is asking a judge to order the man to bring his dogs in for an evaluation. If he does not comply, the City is asking the judge to allow animal control agents to enter Taleb's apartment and seize the dogs.

Officials are also asking the judge to order the Montreal SPCA to take control of the dogs until they have been evaluated.