Montreal kicks in $1 million for de-radicalization centre

(CTV Montreal / Franck Pierron)

The City of Montreal is contributing nearly $1 million to the Centre for Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence.

The $975,000, which is in addition to $225,000 that the city granted the four-year-old organization this past spring, will allow the Centre to carry out its 2019-2020 action plan, the city said in a statement.

The funding follows the Centre’s recent announcement that it will be adjusting its mission slightly in order to take a more community-based approach to de-radicalization, said Rosannie Filato, the Montreal executive committee member responsible for public security.

“(The Centre’s) objectives will now be to focus and personalize their interventions on at-risk people and those around them,” Filato said, adding that the Centre will also soon have a dedicated board of directors and new leadership.

The independent, non-profit Centre was created by the City of Montreal, with the support of the provincial government, in 2015, and was the first of its kind in North America. Its mandate is to prevent violent radicalization and hate crimes, as well as to support victims of such acts.