Montreal launches week to fight racism and discrimination

On the international day for the elimination of racial discrimination mayor Denis Coderre launched the 18th annual awareness week along with organizers from the Week of Action Against Racism. 

"There is a movement of far right of intolerance in the world and we have to protect ourselves, we have to protect our values instead of building walls we need to build bridges," says Coderre. 

The city of Montreal has put forward a number of initiatives to fight racism in recent past. Notably naming Montreal a sanctuary city, the creation of the anti-radicalization and integration centres, all with the goal to battle racial profiling, descimination and social exclusion. 

Emilie Nicolas says these are good steps but much like International Women's Day, there will be a need for the Week of Action against Racism for a long time. 

"Really the goal is to answer to different needs that people have in terms of learning but also mobilizing against racism," says Nicolas.

A number of events will take place in all 19 boroughs, including a solidarity march on Sunday starting at Place Emilie Gamelin. 

For a full list of events click here