Montreal launching pilot project in two boroughs to clarify parking signs: report

The City of Montreal will launch an initiative to simplify road parking signs for drivers, La Presse reported Saturday.

A pilot project will get underway in two of the city's boroughs, using streamlined parking signage designed to be more easily understood.

Montreal recognizes that its parking rules are complicated.

Eric Alan Caldwell, transport manager under Mayor Valerie Plante's administration, admitted that stacking restrictions on road signs is often complex, requiring "interpretive work."

The city is currently putting the finishing touches on the project, which is set to begin in a few weeks with revised signs featuring the times and places where motorists can park.

The experiment will unravel in two phases: for four months, Montreal will compile the various parking rules in effect on its territory to design simplified panels that will be installed in the Saint-Laurent and Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve boroughs. 

These boroughs were reportedly selected based on their "diversity" - some sectors being very dense, and others, quite sparse. 

The announcement comes just before April 1, the start of ticketing season, when parking rules are more rigidly enforced to allow weekly street cleaning.