Montreal man accused of paying woman to have sex with her 6-year-old daughter

A 61-year-old Montreal man appeared in a Longueuil courtroom on Monday to answer to charges that he sexually abused a young girl for a three-year period, when she was between six and nine years old.

Worse still, the young girl's mother allegedly sold her daughter's sexual services to Clermont. She was arrested last week.

Jean-Pierre Voutsinos with Longueuil police says Clermont and the woman met on a dating site. "She was actually selling her daughter to this man, to put it bluntly," Voutsinos says.

Clermont was arrested on Friday, and arraigned Monday morning on several charges, most of them are child sex offences.

The young victim is now in the custody of youth protection.

Voutsinos suggests Clermont has a history of sex-related crimes, and believes other youngsters may have been victims. He's asking anyone who may have been in contact with Clermont to get in touch with the Longueuil police department at 450-463-7211.