Montreal mayor Valérie Plante confirms police won't be getting body cameras

The mayor of Montreal has confirmed that the city will not be going ahead with body cameras for police officers.

Valérie Plante said the costs are too high and the technology is not yet optimal.

A pilot project conducted by Montreal police suggested the measure was too costly and the benefits were limited. The city's public security committee tended to agree.

Montreal mayor @Val_Plante confirms they’re not going ahead with Montreal police body cams. Police had said pilot project suggested to them that they were not useful and very costly. Manufacturer begged to differ over costs. #CJAD800 #polmtl

— Shuyee Lee (@sleeCJAD) February 6, 2019

Fo Niemi of the civil rights group CRARR (Centre for Research-Action on Race Relations) said in a statement to CJAD 800 that "it's regrettable that there's no public consultation to have more time and more different voices."

"This is not the kind of inclusive, evidence-based policy-making process many had hoped for."

Lionel Perez, leader of the official opposition Ensemble Montreal, said Mayor Plante is showing a lack of leadership and is bowing to the will of the police force.

Mayor Plante: no police body cams due to costs, tech that isn’t Niemi of CRARR says “regrettable no public consultation to have more time,more diffrnt voices;not kind of inclusive,evidence-based policy making process many had hoped for.” #CJAD800 #polmtl

— Shuyee Lee (@sleeCJAD) February 6, 2019

Niemi and Perez said the body cameras would help improve public security as well as help address issues of racial profiling and transparency.

"Those things are still important to hear but I do feel that there's different ways to address those concerns, that are true concerns, and the body camera will not necessarily answer all those needs," Plante told reporters.

Plante added that more police training and community policing would help address issues such as racial profiling.

Plante said if the costs and technology evolve and improve, they'd re-evaluate the issue.

No body cams for Montreal police: Lionel Perez, leader of official opposition at Montreal city hall says Mayor Plante showing lack of leadership and capitulating to desire of police force. #CJAD800 #polmtl

— Shuyee Lee (@sleeCJAD) February 6, 2019