Montreal mom 'embarassed, upset' after allegedly being told to stop breastfeeding in court


A young St. Laurent mother is filing a complaint after alleging a security guard asked her to stop breastfeeding her baby or leave the courtroom.

Callie Jones was in municipal court last week with her three month old daughter when she started to breastfeed her to keep her from fussing. That, she claims, led to dirty looks from a court clerk and a confrontation with the security guard.

"A security guard came to me and asked me if I could not breastfeed or if I could leave because it was making people feel uncomfortable and it wasn't appropriate to breastfeed there," said Jones in an interview with CJAD 800.

"I felt really embarrassed and really upset about the whole situation," said Jones, "especially somewhere like a courtroom I would never expect to get disrespected for doing something that is in my daughter's best interest."

Jones' baby soon stopped feeding and they ended up staying in the courtroom.

"They were never like, Oh hey, you can go feed over here, this might be an easier area for you to feed. It was more or less like, You need to leave because you're making us uncomfortable," said Jones.

But the city denies that in a statement to CJAD 800, insisting they did their best to accomodate Jones and offered her a more private place to nurse. They added that the baby cried, which Jones, in turn, denies.

Since going public on social media, Jones said other moms have described similar situations, prompting her to try to organize a nurse-in at the courthouse.

"It really makes me feel like there's still discrimination against breastfeeding," said Jones.

"I just really want women to be able to feel like they can feed wherever they want or wherever their child wants and they should never have to feel embarassed or upset because people are giving them dirty looks or making them feel uncomfortable."