Montreal mom livid after kids taken on unexpected three-hour school bus ride

The first day of school didn't go so smoothly for everyone — especially for two girls who were sent on a three-hour wild goose chase on a school bus after classes let out on Wednesday.

Montreal mom Emmanuelle Porlier says she was frightened when her daughters, aged 7 and 10, didn't return home from their east-end Edward Murphy school when they should have. 

"I was freaking out," Porlier says. "I was like, oh my God. What happened? Did they get kidnapped? Should I call police?"

She says the kids wound up getting quite a scare, too.

"My daughter told me that she was trying to coach the bus driver to stop at the right place, but he completely ignored her," she says. "They were very upset, and they told me that they take the bus ever again."

It appears the stop where the girls usually get off had changed, and the bus driver didn't have it on his schedule. The bus driver apparrently stuck to policy, and would not let them off at that usual stop, which meant the girls stayed on, and were taken to another school on the other side of town, so the bus could pick up more kids.

Porlier insists she double-checked with the school to make sure the bus stop still existed. A school secretary assured her that it was.

"I had confidence that they would be coming back home by bus, and they would be dropped there," she said.

Porlier says it was three hours before she was finally able to be reunited with the kids.

She says officials at the Edward Murphy school are blaming the English Montreal School Board for what happened, and the bus company, Transco, is laying the blame with the school receptionist who gave Porlier the wrong information about the bus stop.