Montreal mother, whose young son has life-threatening allergies, turns to government for help

A Montreal mother is hoping the government will help her young son who has life-threatening allergies and can only eat very limited foods.

One and a half year old Liam, who has what's called F-Pies, can only eat bananas, pears, bit of coconut and a special kind of formula. 

His mother, Josée Mastin, told CJAD 800s Natasha Hall the formula costs $2,700 a month and she can't afford that.

"It's the only source of protein that he can tolerate. So, if he doesn't get this, he has to be in IV... at the hospital", said Mastin.

Mastin added says it's either the formula or he'll need to be fed by I-V so he can get the required nutrients. 

She also said the government is refusing to pay, saying the formula isn't considered a prescription drug.  

A gofundme page has been set to help the child.

At last check, more than $6,600 had been collected.

The goal is $30,000.