Montreal North businesses concerned new bike path will make road more dangerous

Businesses on Industriel Boulevard in Montreal North are fighting the borough's plans for a bike path. 

They say the road always has big trucks on it as well as ambulances and emergency trucks — and that putting a bike path on it would be dangerous. 

"They want to shrink - which is already being used as a four-lane on Industriel Boulevard - they want to shrink it and make it into a two-lane and it's going to be havoc for snow removal, for ambulances," said Roger Elias, who runs Radiator Prestige.

"It's a place where you can't already stop on right now as it is so we're really worried what's going to happen with this."

Elias is part of a group of about 75 businesses in the area which are expressing these concerns.

Elias, who reached out to, said that the city's been talking about putting in a bike path there for years but the businesses just found out a few months ago. 

The $15M revamp of the boulevard was announced in January.

CJAD 800 is awaiting comment from the borough.