Montreal not interested in promoting itself as marijuana tourist destination

Will Montreal become a tourist destination for marijuana?

Whether it does or not, it won't be getting city hall's help.

Some in the business of promoting cannabis tourism say it's a wasted opportunity if Montreal and tourism officials don't prepare for a possible wave of so-called cannatourism.

But Montreal mayor Valérie Plante, who said she's spoken with Tourism Montreal, is clear.

"One thing's for sure is we're not entering into promoting Montreal as a (place of) cannabis use," said Plante.

"We're not in that mindset at all, this is not where we're going."

But opposition councillor and St. Laurent borough mayor Alan DeSousa said officials should get ready.

"If people are not allowed to smoke cannabis in the public domain, should the municipal government be advocating for places where they can, such as cannabis cafés which would be off-street, limited to those legally allowed to do so," said DeSousa, whose borough will not allow pot smoking in public places.

Plante said after speaking with other cities who went through this, they're sure they can learn about how to make tourists aware of where they can and can't light up a joint.

The legalization of recreational marijuana takes effect in four days.