Montreal police arrest notorious fugitive in Rosemont

Marc-Étienne Côté, one of Quebec's most wanted criminals, was picked up last night by Montreal police.  It's a major development almost 9 months after a murder he had allegedly committed in Saguenay.

Côté reportedly shot Israel Gauthier-Nepton after a fight in Jonquière back in mid-November 2016.  Officers found Gauthier-Nepton several hours later after his body was discovered by nearby construction workers.

Since that time, Côté had been on the run, difficult for officers to track without a cell phone or credit card. The Sûreté du Québec took over the search for him several months ago from local police in Saguenay. From then until officers found him last night in Rosemont, Côté was on the most-wanted list.

Montreal police finally captured Côté last night after someone recognized him and called 9-1-1.  The Tactical Intervention Group (GTI) was called to the scene, but Côté turned himself in to officers before the GTI special forces even arrived on the scene, on 7th Avenue near Holt.

The Saguenay police had also opened an internal investigation into their failure to find Gauthier-Nepton when he was first killed, as well as their failure for nearly a year to find the man who killed him.

Côté has been handed over to the Sûreté du Québec, who will take him back to the Saguenay for a court appearance appearance early in the week.