Montreal's food truck scene undergoing major change

After more than five years on the streets, Montreal's food truck scene is changing this season.

You won't be seeing them everyday and scattered in different parts of the city.

Your food truck daily fix will now be food truck happenings -  about a dozen trucks gathered in one central spot two or three times a week, along with major food truck events every month or every two weeks.

The boroughs will take over management from the central city. 

In 2015, there were 35 food trucks on the street - that went down to 21 with most in the downtown area. Last year, only three boroughs took part in the food truck program - down from six the year before.

The auditor general last year suggested changes to counter the drop in business.

"Instead of being there everyday and having a restaurant being furious at us because they think we're stealing their clientele. we're going to be able to be in busier spots, so naturally busy with foot traffic," said Gaëlle Cerf in an interview with CJAD 800. She cited locations such as Place du Canada and Victoria Square.

"We have the First Fridays at the stadium that are still going to be happening this year but that's pretty far so what we're going to be able to do is actually bring that kind of vibe on a smaller scale in downtown Montreal."

Cerf said it'll mean less bureaucracy and more business for the food trucks.

The association will be picking the trucks and locations.