Montreal's public safety committee to receive report stating police are against body cameras

A 215-page report is to be given to Montreal's public safety committee on Friday stating police have decided against wearing body cameras.

It follows a year-long pilot project involving dozens of officers.

Among other things, it says cameras would have minimal impact on interventions.

Police also say the cameras would pose logistical challenges. 

"They don't want it recorded, they don't want supervision", said one caller on the Aaron Rand show. 

"This is a positive thing for both civilians and officers", said another. 

The department presented its final report Tuesday night to Montreal city council, where it concluded it would cost $17.4 million over five years to outfit 3,000 patrollers with body cameras.

City hall opposition leader Lionel Perez disagreed with the police response, saying transparency is what matters most.


- With files from CTV