Montreal's stricter wood-burning rules come into effect

With overnight lows hitting single digits more and more, you may feel like Old Man Winter may be right around the corner. One thing is for sure; here in Montreal you'll have one fewer option to keep him at bay.

The city's regulations on fireplaces and wood stoves come into effect October 1.

If you still hope to cozy up by a nice warm fire, you'll have to do so in front of a fireplace or wood stove that emits no more than 2.5 grams of fine particles per hour.

Each home with a functioning fireplace must register with the city. Those who use clean burning wood stoves can continue to use them, unless there's a smog warning in effect.

Anyone caught not complying with the regulations face between $100 and $500 in fines for a first offence.

Businesses that use wood ovens are exempt from the bylaw.