Montreal to force summer concerts to turn it down

Residents in Saint-Lambert will no longer get an unwanted front row seat to the summer musical festivals at Parc Jean-Drapeau.

The Ville-Marie borough passed a new regulation requiring the big three festivals (Osheaga, Heavy Montreal and ÎleSoniq) to cap their volume at 80 decibels. Other events, including Piknic, will be kept at a max 75 dB.

A pilot project last year found sound meters regularly hit 86 dB as late as midnight during the Heavy Montreal and Osheaga festivals.

Sound levels as high as 108 dB have been recorded at the concert site in the past. One resident in Saint-Lambert recorded a level of 68 dB (about as loud as a standard vacuum cleaner, or standing 50 feet from a Highway) at their home.

Going forward sound levels will be monitored in real time and concert promoters will need to turn it down or risk a fine.