Montreal to study how other cities manage major roadwork projects

If you have found yourself complaining about the way the City of Montreal handles its roadwork projects, take comfort in knowing officials are trying to solve the problem.

Montreal's Executive Committee member responsible for Infrastructure Lionel Perez announced a new study by the École Polytechnique de Montréal will look at cities across Canada, North America and Europe to find new ways of mitigating the impact major roadwork projects have on motorists, businesses, and residents.

"The state of our streets, sidewalks and pipes demands immediate action" Perez said in a statement. He added the city will look to use the most efficient measures possible, and will use other major cities as a benchmark.

Last year the city announced a multi-billion plan to improve these issues, with work and repairs on 676 kilometres of infrastructure each year for the next decade.

The study, which is to be completed by this fall will look at measures in place in comparative urban areas and identify which ones work best.

From there recommendations will be made which the City of Montreal would implement for the next round of roadwork.