Montreal welcomes immigrants despite Quebec's plans to cut immigration

One day after the province tabled legislation to cut immigration by 20 per cent, The Plante administartion announced it will be putting $24 million into helping immigrants settle in the city, learn french and find jobs.

According to the city, 70 per cent of new immigrants to Quebec settle in Montreal. Valerie Plante says they're welcome.

“It’s about not having to ask about the legal status whatsoever. If someone wants to come to the library or wants to use a sports infrastructure, it's often based on the address and other information and we want to minimize that,” said Plante.

The mayor also said Montreal will no longer refer to itself as a “sanctuary city,” saying the term is not clear enough considering federal laws and guidelines.

Community groups say this is great news and a first in Montreal. Part of the money will go to building a centre where new arrivals can access everything need need under one roof.