Montreal workers coping with extreme heat

Health officials say 11 people have died from the extreme heat we've been experiencing in Montreal, that won't end until late Thursday. 

The advice has been to stay in cool places while drinking a lot of water. 

But some have no choice but to be out in the sweltering heat and beating sun, because of the nature of their job.

For landscaper Tristan Rosenthal, spending the day outside and in the heat isn't bad because he's used to it.

He says he likes it and he says landscapers have an advantage over other outside workers.

"We water the plants, so it's not very hard for us because we're always with water," Rosenthal said. 

"It's not like people in construction," he added.

Pizza chef at Saint-Denis Street restaurant Dei Compari, Amine Mohammed, had the same sentiment.

He works with a 715 degree pizza oven and says he doesn't mind the heat because it's all about getting good pizza out.

"It's a job because the oven should be hot and the pizza should be cooked on time and a good cook, so we cannot change that," he said.

But his colleague, Rajat Dey, a cook at the same restaurant, says he can't deal with the heat.

Dey is from Bangladesh and he said he's been acclimatized to the heat.

He's been in Montreal for 22 years and says he hasn't felt heat like this.

"What can the boss do? He did his best. Especially in the kitchen, you cannot have too much cold."

Dey said he's looking forward to Friday when Montreal temperatures are expected to return back to normal 20s.