Montrealers caught up in club shooting in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Montrealers caught up in the nightclub shooting in Playa del Carmen, Mexico are happy to have gotten out safely.

At least five people are dead and more than a dozen others were injured during the shooting at a popular electronic music festival.

Anney Manirath was out with a few other Montrealers at the Blue Parrot club when the shooting happened.

"I headed to the bathroom and all of a sudden, we see this guy who storms in and tells everybody to duck," said Manirath in a Facebook interview from Playa del Carmen.

"Luckily I had a male friend who followed us to the bathroom just to check up on us, stormed into the bathroom and pulled us out and we had to jump over fences and everything,"

Manirath told CJAD 800 News they thought it was a bar brawl but soon saw it was something more serious.

"I didn't realize, it was really noisy, I didn't realize there were any gunshots," said Manirath.

"There were a lot of people who were crying. I saw a couple of injured people," said the 27-year-old.

"At that time, when you see a lot of people around you crying, you kind of get scared and get freaked out yourself."

Manirath said waiters were herding people inside.

"They were telling us to come into the restaurants so we could hide," said Manirath.

"When we got into the restaurant, they locked the doors, there were so many other people there hiding."

Manirath said they met up with their other friends after hiding out until police arrived.

"They were all shaken up and we couldn't wait to get home," said Manirath. She and her friends were not injured.

Manirath said they've been to the nightclub before and didn't think something like this could happen there.

"It's definitely not something you want to go through, but it's not going to make me not want to go back."