Montrealers get dirty to clean up city

Montreal's parks and public spaces are getting their annual spring cleaning.

Thousands of volunteers are starting the yearly facelift, known as the Grand Corvee, which began Saturday and continues until May 7.

“I have a dog and I walk him a lot,” organizer Gonzo Nieto said. “You see litter here and there, especially in the winter turning into spring. As the snow melts you start to see all that stuff.” 

The public cleaners aren't paid, but the city does provide them with gloves, Grand Corvee-branded t-shirts and garbage bags.

Last year, over 21,000 people were part of the cleaning effort.

“Especially in the spring you've got dog dirt and leaves and that makes you not want to bring your kids to the park, but that's what the park is for,” Nieto added.

—with files from CTV Reporter Kelly Greig